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Robert Glasper Experiment: “the most dangerous musicians alive”

These dudes are so dope: #3 on iTunes, #1 jazz album, I’m so thrilled that progressive music is appreciated. Go get Black Radio. Right now. Then check out my interview with ?uestlove from Guru Legacy where he calls The Experiment “the most dangerous musicians alive” (at the 3:45 mark) – prophetic!Continue Reading

Red Pill: The Beast Songwriting Sessions

A few weeks ago I posted some examples of our songwriting process, including experimental and final versions of our song Interfaith Dialogue. I was Morphius inviting Neo (you) to take the red pill: and go deeper into the rabbit hole of Beast musicology. Today I’m welcoming you into our training facility. We usually write songsContinue Reading

Interfaith Dialogue: Songwriting Methodology

Today we’re giving a presentation to some engineering students about our creative process. When we write songs, often times we’ll improvise over a vamp or musical idea until a solid theme that we like crystalizes. Here’s an example of that: Interfaith Rehearsal Run This clip is one of our first rehearsal recordings of the songContinue Reading

The Black Candle Soundtrack

I wrote a Kwanzaa anthem which appeared on MK Asante Jr’s award-winning documentary narrated by Maya Angelou entitled, The Black Candle. Produced by Derrick Hodge, this track features some of The Beast’s biggest inspirations: Robert Glasper on piano and Chris Dave on drums. Happy Kwanzaa yall!Continue Reading

“I’m Black Home” – Ghana, Durham & More

Last month I went back home – to Ghana. I spent some incredible time in the motherland with Blitz The Ambassador and Les Nubians. Now I’m back home – in Durham. Read “part 1” of my account with the News and Observer’s Durham News – the article is called, “Greetings From Ghana”.Continue Reading