The Beast is dedicated to education and cultural outreach. The group has developed workshops on creativity, improvisation, and the history of African-American music based on the Blackademics Hip Hop curriculum founded by emcee Pierce Freelon. A professor of African American Studies at UNC Chapel Hill and NC Central University, Freelon’s workshops have reached a multi-generational audience from New York to New Delhi.

For more information on SANKOFA, The Beast’s flagship workshop, click here.

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Quotes from happy teachers:

“The Beast is a truly engaging musical group which teaches African-American history in a fun, effective way. They are wonderful musicians and story-tellers”

“If you are interested in exposing your students to various music genres, in a fun and innovative way, invite The Beast to your school. Also, if you are looking for a way to expose your students to African-American history in an engaging and memorable way, invite The Beast. The Beast is extremely talented, professional, and kind.”

The Beast proudly donates 12% of its educational program fees to BlackSpace, a community center located in downtown Durham.