2 Responses to New Logo

  1. CJ Paul says:

    Hello, The Beast! Just got into your music a few days back and I’ve been loving it ever since. From the perspective of an aspiring graphic designer, I’d say this is a good start, but the middle piece seems to be a replica of the Atari logo – not that I know anything about copyright, but that might be legal trouble later on. I would suggest something looking a little more feral (i.e., claw marks, perhaps?), in keeping with your name. Good luck!

  2. Pierce says:

    Mr. Aspiring graphic designer. I was inspired by the Neptunes Star Trak logo, which shares a brand association with Star Trek – the TV series. If you’ve got some ideas about how to reference Atari (or another dope brand, perferably 80s and or sci-fi) without infringing on their copyright, I’d love to see a few drafts.

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