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Behind the Beat: The Beast on PBS!

Behind the Beat: The Beast on PBS!

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9th & MAN on CBS

I posted this CBS story about 9th Wonder and Mark Anthony Neal on Blackademics and felt Beast fans would appreciate it just as much. One of the core elements of Hip Hop is: knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I’m loving that Duke is getting a taste of the culture from these two juggernauts.Continue Reading

Pierce on My Carolina Today

Watch Pierce “juggle a lot of balls” on NBC 17’s My Carolina Today. He talks (briefly) about The Beast’s new album, his recent trip to Ghana and the Beat Making Lab he’s teaching at UNC with Apple Juice Kid. Watch this at WNCNContinue Reading

Star Trek + Hip Hop = DOPE

Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D., Outkast, The Beast… what do these icons of Hip Hop have in common? Other than being awesome – they’ve all referenced the legendary Star Trek: The Next Generation in their lyrics (see if you can catch Trekky references in Get Gone & No Escape). Today I was pleased to discover that theContinue Reading

Find The Beat: Esperanza Spalding/Freelon PBS show

Esperanza Spalding could be hosting a new progressive music show on PBS called Find The Beat, w/ co-host Pierce Freelon. We need your help to make this happen! Email: and tell PBS to fund Find The Beat. Read more here.Continue Reading